BD Magni-Guide Scale Magnifier SPECIAL SALE

BD Magni-Guide Scale Magnifier SPECIAL SALE

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he BD Magni-Guide device works as both an insulin syringe scale magnifier and a needle guide. It is designed to offer dexterity for patients who need help stabilizing the insulin syringe and vial while injecting, and magnification for patients who need help reading the scale on the syringe.

  • The insulin vial snaps onto the end of the BD Magni-Guide device.
  • A groove in the device allows you to easily guide the needle into the vial stopper.
  • The device not only helps you hold the insulin syringe and vial together, but it also magnifies the syringe scale 1.7 times for easier reading.

BD Magni-Guide device compatibilities and limitations with insulin vials from different manufacturers

  • Eli Lilly vials: work with the BD Magni-Guide device.
  • Novo Nordisk vials: fit the BD Magni-Guide device tightly and may cause the device to crack.
  • Sanofi vials: fit the device loosely and therefore, the user needs to stabilize the vial with their hands.
  • Regular Price is $8.59 We have some overstock we are selling for $4.95 to move them off our shelves.
  • Hurry! When these are gone, there will be no more.
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