Multidex Maltodextrin Wound Gel 3 Fl. Oz. Tube

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A hydrophilic maltodextrin nf wound dressing clinically proven to promote the growth of granulation tissue and epithelial proliferation.Quickly fills wound site, rapidly mixing with exudate to form a protective coating that maintains an ideal moisture balance to protect against dehydration.Available as a powder for moist and wet wounds or as a gel for dry and minimally draining wounds.For use on all wound types, including infected, hard-to-heal wounds.Specifically formulated to provide topical nutrients to wound sites, creating a natural healing environment.Non-toxic and not systemically absorbed.Controls odor while decreasing purulent exudate.Penetrates all wound irregularities to fill tunneling and undermining.Softens necrotic tissue to facilitate debridement.Primary dressing.
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