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Welcome to the Diabetes Store blog and recipe collection.

Each week we will try to answer the nagging question, Gosh! What can I eat today, that won't send my blood sugar through the roof?

Much of the food we have to eat, as diabetics, is boring, bland, and if not tasteless, it has an awful taste. New sweeteners, such as Splenda, make healthy food taste so much better. Now is the time to look for healthy recipes, and here is the place! Click on the blog sections to find our delicious recipes. Enjoy!


It's Spookie Season Everyone!

Oct 9th 2019

it's Spookie season Everyone! But the only thing Scarier than this season is running out of your Medical supplies !! Our Fall SALE is still taking place and we are More than excited to pass on these savings with you guys. While supplies Last so hurry and head to our Clearance section to place your Orders today. Don't Forget to use your REORDER code if you've shopped with us before and even order over $100 gets free shipping!
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Delicious Recipes only a Click away

Sep 26th 2019

Delicious Recipes only a Click away
We've been updating our Recipe website for the past couples of weeks and now we are stock loaded with delicious recipes for all your holiday cravings. With the Fall/ Holiday season coming up all of our favorites that we know and love may just be a little out of our reach as diabetics. But no worries we have just the solution for you now on our website we have delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas favorites! So head on over there today and check some of the recipes out.   We are s
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Fall Sales Are Here

Sep 17th 2019

The fall season is here and in full effect we have a really great selection of items on clearance Now for your shopping pleasure. So Check it out today ! We have Auto Shut Off powered Heating Pads which are super popular and perfect for the cold weather heading our way, and Now we also have BioBacks available for little to nothing only $29.95! These are a perfect non medicated pain reliever for lower back pain to date because of its sleek design that helps add extra support to your back whe
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Bio Backs Anyone ?

Sep 13th 2019

BioBack's are a back brace's unlike no other. With there small size making them Lightweight, Discreet, and more comfortable than any other brace. There the perfect drug-free low back pain solution you've been looking for. BioBack's unique counter-force with lumbar dome design focuses on abdominal engagement combined with lumbar support to activate and support the body's normal core bracing function. By doing so it naturally relaxes or reduces strain on lower back muscles while also immed
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Attention Shoppers !!

Sep 11th 2019

The Ease of online shopping/ self checkout is back !! Thank you to our valued customers who have been so patient with us while our credit card processor was down, But we are back in business. Instead of having to call in and place your Order with us you can now search for your item, add it to your cart, and check out using your credit card information without our help! We still have the options to pay with PayPal and Check or money Order but now the credit card paym
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