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Each week we will try to answer the nagging question, Gosh! What can I eat today, that won't send my blood sugar through the roof?

Much of the food we have to eat, as diabetics, is boring, bland, and if not tasteless, it has an awful taste. New sweeteners, such as Splenda, make healthy food taste so much better. Now is the time to look for healthy recipes, and here is the place! Click on the blog sections to find our delicious recipes. Enjoy!


Bio Backs Anyone ?

Sep 13th 2019

BioBack's are a back brace's unlike no other. With there small size making them Lightweight, Discreet, and more comfortable than any other brace. There the perfect drug-free low back pain solution you've been looking for. BioBack's unique counter-force with lumbar dome design focuses on abdominal engagement combined with lumbar support to activate and support the body's normal core bracing function. By doing so it naturally relaxes or reduces strain on lower back muscles while also immed
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Attention Shoppers !!

Sep 11th 2019

The Ease of online shopping/ self checkout is back !! Thank you to our valued customers who have been so patient with us while our credit card processor was down, But we are back in business. Instead of having to call in and place your Order with us you can now search for your item, add it to your cart, and check out using your credit card information without our help! We still have the options to pay with PayPal and Check or money Order but now the credit card paym
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New Recipes Alert !!

Sep 5th 2019

New Recipes  Alert !!
Over on webdiabetic.com ! we have stocked up on some new recipes perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some post included are recipes for Swedish Pancakes, Herb Stuffed Zucchini, Baked Salmon Fillet, and Spicy Grilled Tilapia. Just go on over to the site search for these items that We've specified and CHECK it out today then let us know if you try out any of these recipes and if it made a difference for you !!  
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Changes to Payment Options!

Aug 29th 2019

Hello Everyone and thank you for being so patient with us, We have been experiencing some Technical issues that will be resolved shortly in terms of taking credit card payments online for your orders. But do not dismay you can still place your orders and pay with PayPal, Check or over the phone with one of us just give us a call at 1(800) 891-9399 with your payment information and we'll be more than happy to help you with processing your order !!
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Have you checked out our Recipes Lately?

Aug 27th 2019

Here on diabetesstore.com we care about our customers overall well being. Along with purchasing test strips and blood sugar readers why not stop by our Blog and website to check out some of our tasty recipes that will keep that Blood sugar in check and a smile on your face. As a diabetic food can be pretty bland and boring because a lot of the tasty foods we know and love are usually off limits. But according to The American Diabetes Association that is no longer true and
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