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Hygeia Ii Medical Group Inc.

Hygeia Universal Personal Accessory Set - 10-0137


Hygeia universal personal accessory set.Includes (2) medium 25mm - 27mm flanges, (2) 40" tubing, (2) mother's milk storage containers 4 oz., (2) duckbill valves, (2) storage container caps/feeder cups, (2) rings, (2) narrow-neck container adapters, (2)...

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Custom Breast Flange


Ameda custom breast flange provides mothers with larger flanges and special reducing inserts to create an "in-between" size. Includes 2 breast flanges (36.0mm) and 2 inserts (32.5mm) per box. Does not contain bpa or dehp.

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Roscoe Medical, Inc.

Trucomfort Double Electric Breast Pump


Trucomfort double electric breast pump with collection combo kit. Comes complete with two expression collection combo kits, bottle adapter kit, 12v ac/dc adapter,vacuum tubing adapter, spare parts (one valve and o-ring), carrying bag and user manual. Bpa...

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