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These products are Brand New, unopened. They may be special purchases or approaching their expiration dates. Why pay premium prices for a box of test strips with a year before expiry, when you will be using them all within a month? 

Encore, Inc

Encore Manual ED System


Encore Manual ED System. Special purchase! These systems were supposed to be dual pumps, one manual and one battery powered. For some reason, they came without the battery powered pump! Our supplier gave us a huge rebate, rather than take a return. So,...

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Tandem Diabetes Care

Tslim Insulin Cartridge 3 Ml EXPIRED


Tslim insulin cartridge, 3ml. These are EXPIRED cartridges. They have an expiration date of January 3, 2019. We have one box of cartridges and when this box is sold, there will be no more. If you buy these cartridges, you agree you are purchasing them...

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