Infusion Sets sells all major brands of Insulin Infusion sets. Brands such as Accu-Chek, Medtronics, Animas and T:Slim can all be found right here at

Some infusion sets are interchangeable between different brands of insulin pumps, and may be able to save you money. You should check your pump for compatibility before making any purchase.

There are three types of connectors available and the connector your pump cartridge uses will determine what connector you need for your infusion sets.

The original connector is the Luer Lock. Many of the older insulin pumps use the Luer Lock. If your pump uses the Luer lock, you may be able to use the Animas Inset , or the Animas Comfort infusion sets.

As insulin prices continue to climb, manufacturers work hard to find ways to conserve insulin. The Luer Lock connector requires more insulin to prime the tubing. Medtronic developed the Paradigm line and Tandem developed the T:Lock connector to reduce the amount of insulin needed to prime the tubing. The diagram below, demonstrates the difference between the Luer Lock and the newer t:lock connector


 Medtronics is the largest manufacturer of infusion pumps. If you have a Minimed 500 series  insulin pump, you can find the Minimed Quick-set infusion sets here.

If you prefer the Minimed Silhouette infusion sets, look for them here.


Tandem has infusion sets using the T:lock connector (Pictured above.) We sell all their Autosoft infusion sets. Find them here.

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