Protexis Pi Blue With Neu-thera Surgical Gloves, Sterile, Polyisoprene, Powder-free, Size 7.5

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Protexis pi blue with neu-thera surgical gloves, sterile, polyisoprene, powder-free, size 7.5, 11.8" (300 mm) length, 7.9 mils (0.20 mm) finger thickness, 5.5 mils (0.14 mm) palm and cuff thickness, beaded/rolled cuff type.50 pairs/box, 4 boxes/case.Protexis pi blue with neu-thera surgical gloves are a synthetic solution that can be worn as a foundational layer when double-gloving.The blue color alerts wearers to breaches in the outer glove and the neu-thera emollient coating offers donnability as well as moisturizes and soothes hands during glove wear.
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